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About Hylife

HyLife Investments is an alternative investment company based in Monument, London. The company provide UK and international investors with access to exclusive investments including properties, short-to-mid term loan notes/bonds and algorithmic trading strategies that fully maximise the highest possible return on investment.

HyLife work alongside established property developers and business operators to create market-leading investment products which are tailored to suit the needs of today’s investors.


Earn between 8 - 18% returns per annum

Multiple payment options from monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or compounded returns over 1 - 5 year investment terms.


Diverse Investment Portfolio

We have a vast array of well-performing investment assets that pay a fixed return on investment allowing you multiple opportunities to diversify your portfolio under one arm. Our experience allows us to build solid relationships across the industry so we can tailor our offerings to suit your preference.

Higher-than-average ROI

The selection of investments available offer returns of between 8-18% per annum over short to mid term contracts. We have successfully helped individuals earn higher-than-average returns on their initial capital since 2016. Security is also in place to protect the interest of all investors throughout their chosen term.

Easy & Simple entry and exit strategies

Each investment has a simple process from start to finish and you could be on your way to earning a return on investment from as little as one week! The process is extremely simple but most importantly they all come with secure exit strategies ensuring you receive 100% of your invested capital back at maturity.

Hylife Investments Portfolio

Areas of expertise



Our selection of properties consist of high spec, luxury properties in major Cities across the UK and also the best property hot spots globally such as Miami. We have tailored our portfolio to ensure each investor can buy in high demanding rental locations that fully maximise your return on investment. Property investments have always been seen as a 'safe haven' for investors due to their tangibility and offer both secure income and long term capital growth. Multiple options available for cash buyers and those looking for flexible payment terms. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Loan notes & Bond Instruments

Investing into Loan Notes is a popular way to invest into property and established business without having the hassle and headache of running & management costs. The loan notes we offer also provide returns of up to 18% per annum. All opportunities have been carefully selected based on the companies financial track record and their ability to perform and make profits. Each investment comes with legal charges and/or debentures over the companies assets offering multiple levels of security on invested funds. Minimum entry £10,000 with returns paying up to 18% per annum


Algorithmic Trading (Forex & Equity)

If you are looking at opening your own trading account but are not sure where to start then our algorithmic trading platform may be right for you. These algorithms have been successfully earning returns to our investors since 2017. Each algorithm has been designed to delivers sustainable risk-adjusted returns irrespective of the market conditions. It is a combination of positive capital growth potential, with less volatility and protection against inflation. You do not need any direct experience in trading as the algorithm will be tailored to your own personal preferences such as the amount you would like to set as a stop loss, maximum draw-downs and there are no contract tie-ins making this extremely flexible. Minimum entry level only £10,000.


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