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HyLife Investments is an alternative investment company based in Monument, London. The company provide UK and international investors with access to exclusive buy-to-let and alternative investments including care home suites, short-to-mid-term loan notes and algorithmic trading opportunities.

HyLife work alongside established property developers and business operators to create market-leading investment products which are tailored to suit the needs of today’s investors.

The Story of HyLife

HyLife was founded in 2016 and is the creation of Lauren Warlow. For over 15-years she had worked across a number of sectors from luxury property to high-end investment firms that specialised in traditional buy-to-lets, hotels and commodities. Over the years she has built up a solid business network across the UK investment and financial sector.

HyLife was formed in order to provide structured and proven high return investments that offer a consistent flow of income. With a well-grounded understanding of the different asset classes available to private investors and the merits of each one we believe by following this method we will build trust with our investors and save them time by introducing a boutique portfolio of investment products. Each opportunity we source must prove a consistent track record and provide a 100% exit strategy. This gives investors peace of mind that they can maximise their returns from well researched opportunities that possess the characteristics that they are most looking for.   

Our mission, as our name suggests, is to provide a high-yielding (Hy) lifestyle (Life) for our clients. For this very reason we select hassle-free opportunities that offer market leading rates of return and pay our investors a regular monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or compounded return to fully maximise on available profits. With a portfolio offering such an array of income options we have managed to help thousands of individuals build investment portfolios over major key areas which has minimised investors overall risk.


Some of the factors we consider before introducing products to our investor network include:

Client 6

Fixed Interest returns 8-18% p.a

Client 4

Security for investors capital via a first legal charge or title deeds

Client 1

Regular income payments tailored to each individual

Client 7

Hands-free investments - No headaches!

Client 8

Clear and simple re-sale or pre-defined exit strategies

Client 2

Capital Growth for tangible properties

Client 3

Industry sectors with strong long-term fundamentals and recession-proof characteristics

Client 5

Tax-efficient options


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

— Benjamin Franklin


HyLife’s Investment Opportunities

HyLife’s product offering falls under three main categories; Buy-to-lets, loan note/bonds and trading strategies. Our buy-to-let investments offer HyLife investors high returns on asset-backed investments which reap the benefits of both residential and commercial properties in the best performing areas globally. We have multiple options available for cash investors plus flexible payment terms on off-plan investments for those looking for lower monthly down-payments. Whatever your criteria HyLife has what you are looking for.

The traditional buy-to-let market has seen consistent growth over the last few years and is seen as a 'safe haven' at times of uncertainty due to the resale prospects one can earn from property. Capital growth is speculative, so buying in key areas is crucial to maximise in these assets making HyLife's experience key when searching for the right property.

Care homes are also an ethical and tangible property investment which supports the supply of social infrastructure that is already struggling to meet the demand from a rapidly ageing UK population. HyLife also offer alternative property investments such as care homes for those looking for something more ethical. 

We also offer short-to-mid term loan note products which pay investors up to 18% returns per annum. These are typically on term lengths of between 12-months to 5-years and pay either monthly, bi-annual or compounded returns to fully maximise on gains. Our providers can pay high returns to investors due to the profit margins available upon completed products. We carefully select each provider by ensuring they have experience of raising funds correctly. Loan notes are great ways to get involved in multiple different asset classes minimising your overall risk and have no additional outgoings meaning you maintain 100% of your returns. These products are exclusive to High Net Worth Individuals and Sophisticated Investors so you will be required to self-certify prior to receiving any further information. Please let us know if you would like to discuss your requirements further by leaving your details below.

Our algorithmic trading strategies are tailored to each individuals specific requirements depending on your appetite to risk. If you are looking for ways to earn tax-free profits then our trading platforms should be worth considering. Trading allows you full autonomy over your own funds as you will receive your own personal dedicated account and you are not tied-in to any long term contracts.



Word on the Street


Lauren has been extremely professional and patient, explaining the investments available in detail and answering our multiple queries over the weeks via telephone and email. We are happy to be on board and look forward to our returns. Hope to do more investments with the company.

Susmita Hunt

Very pleased with the service. Lauren has been very professional and very patient as I had too many questions and she was able to answer them to my satisfaction. There was no pressure from her she had given me the space to decide for myself whether I wanted to invest or not. I would definitely recommend it.

Darshna Amin

I purchased a property through HyLife and was very impressed by their professionalism throughout. I initially dealt with Lauren who answered all of my questions and provided all the information to me for me to make an informed decision. I still work with HyLife who continue to help me make money!

Paul Kenzie

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