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Tangible Assets for those looking for long term rental income and future capital uplift

In a recent report from e.surv, the average price in England and Wales increased by 0.5% on the month, and 13.4% on the year. The report also found that North West house prices increased by 20.9% for the year, making the North region a prime hotspot for buying properties.

Rental income is also up by 68% compared to the 2008 recession. We have a strong selection of properties across the Country priced from £100k plus with yields earning our investors a minimum of 4% per annum.

Get in touch with us and tell us your criteria and we will provide you with full details that match your critera.

London & Commuter Belt

Prices from £120,000 to £600,000

Yields of 4% to 6%

St Albans, Luton, Stevenage, Peterborough, Slough

East Of England

Prices from £185,000 to £300,000
Yields of 4% to 6%

Norfolk, Cambridge, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire

North Of England

Prices from £105,000 to £350,000
Yields of 5% to 7%

Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, York, Yorkshire, Leeds


Prices from £90,000 to £400,000
Yields of 4% to 7%

Birmingham, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire

Commercial JV Opportunity


Minimum entry £500,000 for profit shares of up to 50%

Commercial Developments

UK Based

Large commercial developments available across the UK. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements

Student Accommodation

Top UK University Locations

Tangible, hands-off studio apartments from £65,000 + Yields of 7 - 10%

International Properties Available

Worldwide Locations

Prices from £120,000 +

Yields from 5%+

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