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12-month Property Loan Note

Short-term property loan note paying 12-15% per annum over a 12-month investment term. Monthly or bi-annual income options available. Fully experienced UK developer with over 25-years of residential & commercial development work. Asset-backed opportunity with legal charge & debenture over the companies assets.

18-month Property Loan Note - PLC

Highly experienced PLC looking to raise funds to acquire BMV land/development opportunities across London and the commuter belt. Mid-term investment for 18-months with returns payable at maturity of 15-18%. Asset-backed opportunity with a legal charge & debenture over the companies assets, developments and raised cash.

Commodities Loan Note

Top performing UK jewellery business successfully paying investors since 2018. Minimum entry £10,000 with returns between 10-15% over a 12-month investment term. Offices and workshop in Hatton Garden, London. Asset-backed opportunity with a legal charge over companies assets & cash as security to investors. EIS & Share option also available.

Renewable Energy Loan Note

We have a selection of REWS investments that all have a consistent track record of returns to investors. REWS have become an extremely popular investment option due to the current global climate changes taking place. Investing into REWS not only helps the environment, it also pays out a healthy and high return on investment of up to 12% per annum.

High-End Luxury Properties & developments: UK Based

We have an array of luxury, high-end properties available across the UK. Completed & off-plan options available depending on your criteria. All properties available are for investment purposes only and are in areas of positive capital growth and strong rental prospects ensuring you earn a secure and continuous ROI.

UK Joint Venture Opportunities in Property

Exclusive to HyLife. We have partnered with a number of UK property developers who are looking for ultra-high-net-worth or high-net-worth investors looking for hands-off development opportunities to maximise on returns of up to 40%. Please get in touch to find out more about these options.

Multi-Asset Equity Trading Algorithm

The algorithm delivers sustainable risk-adjusted returns irrespective of the market conditions. It is a combination of positive capital growth potential, with less volatility and protection against inflation. This low-risk opportunity only trades on the NASDAQ which is where you will find key major multi-million-dollar blue chip companies such as Tesla, Amazon & Microsoft.

Forex Algorithm

Since 2017 we have provided a professional in-depth set of Algorithms to be used effectively in the Private Sector. All trades are monitored daily and you can have as much or as little involvement in it as you wish. Funds handled by regulated UK FCA brokers. You will have your own dedicated trading account with full autonomy over your own invested funds.